Our Trainers

  • 51 contract trainers - communication, leadership trainings, organisational development, coaching, altogether 9808 months, more than 818 years of professional experience, 7676 months of trainer experience, more than 100.000 hours of coaching
  • 23 expert healthcare trainers
  • 18 trainers specialised in pedagogy
  • 82 training experts

Niki Seres

Motto: ’You can lead a human to knowledge but cannot make him/her think.’ /Monty Roberts/

Short bio: economist in tourism, trainer, coach, 8 years trainer experience

Favourite areas of work: cooperation, communication, conflict management, stress management, assertiveness, creativity development, emotional intelligence, leadership attitude and skill development, developing employee skills, team-building, competency development, discussion techniques

Zsolt Kasza

Motto: ’I have been selling creativity for 30 years.´

Short bio: degree in economics, team-coach, trainer; 21 years at an advertising agency, owns a certificate in public administration, does relationship coaching

Favourite areas of work: sensitivity training, communication, assertiveness, developing employee core competencies, time management, developing cooperation, self-knowledge, developing social competence, relationship building

Tamás Tóth

Motto: ’Believe in what you do, and do what you believe in.’

Short bio: economist, trainer; 10 years trainer experience in indoor and outdoor trainings

Favourite areas of work: cooperation, conflict management, self-knowledge, leadership skills, communication, stress management, time management, indoor and outdoor team-building

Zsuzsanna Vargáné Bukucs

Motto: ’Everyone deserves the chance to develop their full potential.’

Short bio: economist, economics teacher, chief marketing economist, mentor teacher; more than 25 years teaching experience, knowledge of French

Favourite areas of work: communication, effective presentation techniques, assertiveness, self-knowledge, cooperation, team-building

Iván Bódi

Motto: ’If you pay attention to others they will make you feel understood!’

Short bio: trade economist, food technology engineer, trainer, coach; 72 months experience in corporate world – person-centered training and development for Bosch and Auchan

Favourite areas of work: leadership training, personality typology, communication, selling techniques, conflict and stress management, personality development, simulation trainings

Andrea Kuremszki

Motto: ’I realised something I thought was impossible, that it has been already done.’

Short bio: economist, mental health professional, trainer, coach, UX Designer (personal, organisational, brand)

Favourite areas of work: personal and corporate communication skills trainings and coaching, strategic planning, organisational development

Beatrix Szabóné Szopkó

Motto: ’If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view and see things from that person's angle as well as from your own.’/Henry Ford/

Short bio: international trade export/import manager, trainer, coach; more than 10 years professional exprience, knowledge of Italian

Favourite areas of work: communication, personality development, leadership training

Eszter Teke

Motto: ’Everything is connected to everything else!’

Short bio: social pedagogue, trainer, coach; 8 years professional experience in social care (recruitment, improvisation, individual and group trainings), uses the widest variety of teachings tools among our trainers

Favourite areas of work: communication, assertiveness, relationship abuse, motivation, crisis management

Zoltán Gábor Győri

Motto: ’The opposite of play is not work but depression. Playing is a conscious, joyful and committed action as if you know what the future holds.’

Short bio: theology teacher, trainer, presenter; 4 years work experience (radio, theatre)

Favourite areas of work: improvisation, theatrical/performance skills development, communication, cooperation, gamification, gamifying organisational development/team-building

Miklós Szentkatolnay

Motto: I think the most precious thing in life is the man itself as it is the foundation as well as the operator of everything. We have to awake awareness to realise that we are the only one responsible for our own actions!’

Short bio: politician (social issues), project manager, trainer, coach; almost 15 years project manager, trainer and organisational developer experience, supervision skills training on social care and peer support

Favourite areas of work: project management, leadership trainings, team-building, assertiveness

Dániel Sinkó

Motto: ’This is it for now. What should we do?’

Short bio: accredited trainer, relational dynamics coach and mentor, methodical empathy coach; authentic self express based cooperation and empathic communication researcher, accredited trainer (Hungarian Psychological Association, 2008), methodical empathy coach – Head of Training in Hungary since 2012 (Psychosophy Acedmy of Central Europe)

Favourite areas of work: individual and group coaching based on classical, relational dynamics and methodical empathy techniques

Domonkos Kovács

Motto: ’ I am incorrigible optimist, though life wants to turn me to be pessimistic. But I keep on resisting.’ /Tamás Vekerdy/

Short bio: economist, trainer; almost 15 years trainer experience in social and business skills training

Favourite areas of work: communication, presentation, sales and leadership trainings, stress management, time management

Tamás Breiner

Motto: ’I do not want to convince anyone. My aim is to make you unsure.’

Short bio: degree in Liberal Arts and Communication, mentalist, trainer, coach

Favourite areas of work: interactivity based trainings, wide variety of teaching tools, uses his mentalist skills; communication, presentation, developing leadership competencies, conflict management, team-building, selling techniques


Ágnes Kinga Csonka

Motto: ’Let yourself feel your emotions, know your own needs, find your own solutions, communicate effectively even if you have disagreements with yourself or with others, or if you are in a difficult situation.’

Short bio: high school teacher, mental health professional, mediator, trainer, family therapist (candidate), dubbing dramaturge; applies client-centered therapy as a mental health worker

Favourite areas of work: justice mediation, conflict management, developing cooperation, and communication, assertiveness, written communication competencies, sensitivity training, general self-knowledge and personal development, outdoor team-building and entertainment programs

Péter Matyuc

Short bio: executive coach, security administration expert, trainer, family therapist; his courses/trainings are also held in English, 22 years theoretic and practical trainer experience

Favourite areas of work: team-building, crisis management and communication, motivational trainings, pedagogue trainings, sensitivity trainings, organisational development, charity events organiser, CSR strategy development, nature & environmental and sustainable living courses/presentations

Adrián Molnár

Motto: ’The greatest gift that you can give to others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance.’ /Carl Rogers/

Short bio: engineering physicist, mental health professional, HR coordinator, coach; 20 years experience of human development approach (8 years spent in Albania), variety of clients: enterprises, non-profit organisations, leaders, social workers, teenagers etc.

Favourite areas of work: courses for developing emotional intelligence, positive attitude and empathy; self-knowledge, personal and leadership development trainings; team-building, developing cooperation, volunteer training programs, motivation training presentations

Károly Molnár

Motto: ’I believe that everyone has talents that want to shine.’

Short bio: IT engineer, trainer, coach, organisational developer; more than 26 years professional experience

Favourite areas of work: conflict management, communication trainings, starting and mentoring self-organising groups/teams, supporting digital transformation, preventing burnout, empathetic body language, self- and group-refrection, agile transformation trainings, facilitator trainings, quality and value based decision making and delegation, time management

Árpád Révész

Motto: ’Know yourself, and identify human dignity in every person!’

Short bio: economist, trainer; 43 years in education, longest professional career among our trainers; human communication is not just transferring information, it is a lot more

Favourite areas of work: IT, communication and leadership trainings