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Project Planning

Learning Innovation has huge knowledge and expertise in the field of creating project development plans based on customer needs and expectations. After defining project aims and objectives we gather information and list all possible alternatives. We also consider many factors like financial background, legal possibilities and organizational structure to prepare a business proposal.

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Analysis, Impact Evaluation

We undertake organizational and content analysis according to client’s needs. After collecting data and information we manage, analyse and describe the interrelationships among them by using the most recent analysis methods. This enables us to do the evaluation process and apply the impact assessment more effectively. This creates the foundation of future decision making.


Project Management

In order to make our clients’ grant application become a successful project, we provide the necessary and appropriate monitoring activity within the project life cycle. During the implementation of the project we carry out management tasks and financial counselling as well as create progress reports and payment applications. We also maintain contact with institutions who coordinate the implementation process, and do the closure process and the follow-up activities after accomplishing each phase of the project.


HR Counselling, Organizational Development

We provide effective and tailored HR support services for the development of our partners’ organisation. We assess the current operating model of the customer, and then define the description of the desired state of the operating model. After designing the target operating model we give a proposal for managing organisational changes and working together with the client in the process.
Our services are as follows: organisational diagnosis, strategic planning, increasing effectiveness, team- and staff-building, problem solving, conflict management, developing trainings and educational programmes according to individual needs, planning and implementing of competency development complex training programme, mentoring, coaching, supervision.
Our clients:
– SZÉPHŐ Zrt.,
– Veszprém Megyei Jogú Város Polgármesteri Hivatala,
– Hotel Golf Kft.,
– Eszterházy Károly Főiskola,
– Hotel Wine Kft.

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Innovation Management

Our innovation management service’s aim is to support our clients in gaining, accumulating, sharing and using knowledge, technological and business expertise etc. in order to create or design a scheme and a guideline for the new, modified or optimized products, procedures or services.


Dissemination and Marketing

Our project communication activity for grant applications applies all the guidelines of the so called identity manual. Therefore, we organise the opening and the closure event, the press conferences of the project, and do reminder advertising as well as the obligatory media appearances, and also create the necessary visual design elements.

Flexible Employment and Remote Work

We provide HR assistance in transforming the common way of working into flexible employment forms according to the special needs of the enterprise. We also pay attention to the characteristics of employment forms to give suitable advice on part time job, remote work, flexible employment, working time records, split-shifts and casual employment. Furtherrmore, we also give professional counsel to enterprises in applying flexible employment properly according to the current regulations and laws.

Our services:

  • organisational diagnosis,
  • creating organisational guidelines,
  • creating and modifying workflows,
  • labour law, financial and HR counselling,
  • creating employment documents,
  • HR development and creating HR policies,
  • flexible work trainings for leaders and employees