Recognizing the effects of today’s industrial and consumer society led to the fact that sustainability in the economy has become one of the most important success factors in ensuring competitiveness.

We recommend the following training courses.

Environmental sustainability (16 hours)

The course aims to help participants integrate environmental awareness into their everyday activities and identify sustainable opportunities and methods as well as the optimum use of available resources. Participants will be able to the development and formation of individual and community environmental awareness and orient others to this direction.

Environmental management (16 hours)

The aim of the training is to acquaint the participants with the structure and application conditions of the EMS standards. Also to get an overview of the principles and requirements of the EMS and learn more about the most important rules of climate awareness. Based on the acquired knowledge participants will be able to determine the environmental management requirements for their workplace and to supervise the system.

Environmentally conscious employee (20 hours)

In order to secure the heritage of our children we need to acquire knowledge about environmental awareness. The aim of this training is to limit waste, reduce waste production, avoid the use of plastics, and learn about recycling in the workplace and encouraging environmental awareness.

Zero-waste workplace (20 hours) 

The primary goal of the zero-waste movement is to minimize the amount of waste. The more thoughtful we make our daily routine, the more planned and conscious we shop, the longer the work environment provides opportunities for development. We make this training realistic and living with exercises and suggestions to gain knowledge easily.

Sustainable office (20 hours)

Sustainability also affects the workplace. Our practical training draws the attention of employees to make the office more sustainable and environmentally conscious with simple, small changes. The training focuses on how to reduce waste and create environmentally friendly conditions around us, especially in the office based on each participant’s own personality.