Our Projects

A program to enhance employability

A project to increase flexible employment and improve work-life balance

A strategic project to increase the presence of Laerning Innovation Ltd. in the adult education sector in the Central Transdanubian Region

A long-term strategic project to build and strenghten our international business compatativeness in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Leonardo Grant
A two-year long innovation transfer project with our partners to develop a fundraising course for civil society organizations

GINOP 5.3.1. Flexible employment in convergence regions
Grant of the Ministry of National Economy to enhance flexible employment to a better work-life balance among SMEs, families with small children etc.

ERASMUS+ Projects
A Garden for Wondering – The methods of outdoor learning in schoolgarden programs, Sustainability in schools and learning outdoors
DELSA Project – Digital empowerment for up-skilling adults
2015-1-HU01-KA104-013336 – ICT in Education, ’Quality food industry, sustainable farming and agrotourism: an amazing study visit’
2019-1-HU01-KA104-060829 ’Expand your Knowledge’ – Mobility project for our adult education staff

’Development of a complex analytical method for examining components of personality and competency structure of children (KID)’