Our Philosophy

Professional philosophy

In education, frontal teaching was applied in the past and resulted in non-validateable, endless memorization. Teachers tried to engage the shifting attention of participants in/to several educational materials and written presentations. In these days education provides much more joyful learning experiences and new tools though it has its own limitations as well.

Learning Innovation believes in the education of the future. Future education has a potential to deliver knowledge beyond formal and non formal learning and besides to carry the responsibility of acquiring knowledge. Continuous learning, development of skills, innovative and unique procedures, flexible opportunities and a clear, strategic framework helps to find the practical as well as spontanous answers in all structural levels of each organisations and also makes them available to everyone.

We offer individual and corporate solutions after doing a thorough scanning and making a business diagnosis to increase loyalty and performance. We do not adjust clients needs to our plans but. rather create development plans according to clients needs. These plans are suggestions designed by the various market research methodologies. We can ensure a long-term cooperation through the support of continuous competency development, monitoring, consultations, mentoring, shadowing and coaching whether it is a SME, a large enterprise, the public or private sector.