IT Trainings

Earlier, Learning Innovation Ltd. included and made available in its training offer the following trainings under different names and structure.

  1. Office applications

Digital competencies and improving digital skills play a crucial part in our everyday life and inevitably become a necessary condition of effective work in the office.

  • Word – word processing
  • Excel – spreadsheet
  • PowerPoint and presentation
  • Data security
  • Data management
  • Office applications
  • Social media


  1. Data mining – big data

The trainings give solution how to recognise, find and use  information sources, how to articulate our data need to solve problems or how to evaluate data or analysis made and provided by others.


  1. IT security

With the spread of information systems and global networks, the risk of accessing to stored data and information by an unauthorised personnel is continuously increasing. The integrity and availability of company and personal data are our common interest. Our trainings aim to offer solutions to manage threats, cybersecurity risks and know all the relevant acts and regulations. So, the damages can be prevented and also cost-effective.

  • Foundations of information security

Main modules: data, information, data mediums, cyberspace, incidents in cyberspace, data categories, data management, information security, IT security,information and data strategies and defence, methods of defence

  • Information security management systems

Main modules: IR characteristics, types, ISO standards, regulations, PDCA, IBIR, lifeícycles

  • Information security acts and regulations

Main modules: Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information, GDPR, Act L of 2013

  • Information security standards and frameworks

Main modules: ISO 27k, NIST, ITIL, COBIT, CC

  • IT infrastructure security: risks, threats, vulnerabilities

Main modules: physical security, protection of documents and files, personal protection and human security

  • Information security incident management

Main modules: CSIRT, CERT

Risk management (including IT security)