Learning Innovation Ltd.

Established: 2001
National ID: 01-09-988272
Address: 1039 Budapest, Királyok útja 98. Hungary, P.O. box: 1300 Budapest, Pf. 346.
Telephone: +3613010224

Type of Organisation: School/Institute/Educational centre – Adult education – Human solutions

Learning Innovation Ltd. (LEARNI) was established in 2001 in Hungary to operate in the field of human capital development and enterprise. LEARNI has a main office in Budapest and branch offices in Velence and Miskolc. This allows LEARNI to have a broader territorial presence in Hungary.

LEARNI is proactively engaged in lifelong learning and provides adult education with vocational education and training, innovative development, content and organizational development, human (resources) solutions, and business consultation for clients.

LEARNI focuses on partner orientation and outstanding quality implementation: it’s commitment for quality in VET and Adult Learning is increasingly being recognised, positioning the company among the leading providers of human capital development in horizontal and cross-sectorial themes such as EU project and grant management, innovation management, leadership development, marketing and ICT as well as niche domains such as labour market competences and pedagogical sciences. LEARNI provides a wide range of adult education trainings and courses in frames of registered and accredited training programs, such as:

  1. Management courses: Innovation management, Project management, Commerce and marketing, Economics, Language, Computer science
  2. Leadership development: Stress and conflict handling techniques, Process controlling, Time management, Communication, Presentation, Development of customer services, Leadership practices, etc.
  3. Employability and professional development: Job searching competency development, Competency development, Conflict handling techniques, Labour market training, Self-knowledge training, Supervision, Cooperation development, etc.
  4. Teacher development: Talent development, Cooperative learning techniques, Self-knowledge, Communication, Drama pedagogy, Fight against burnout, Conflict handling techniques, Lifelong physical activity; Financial and economic culture at schools, Aggression therapy, garden-pedagogy, learning outdoors, etc.

Thank to the high quality and diverse offer of educational services, LEARNI has been growing in the recent past: in the last four years LEARNI provided training and learning services to thousands of people in more than 1000 trainings and courses throughout Hungary.

LEARNI has 15 full time employees under four directories including 8 employees with trainer competencies. In addition the institute has about hundred external trainers and experts.

LEARNI pays attention to maintain the professional knowledge up-to-date in order to do high quality work. The colleagues and trainers are recognized experts, who have professional competence and knowledge in different fields, like project and profession specific consultancy. The organization is committed to develop their knowledge and learn new good practices, innovative methods continuously that help rise client satisfaction and improve the quality of work.

LEARNI is an education service provider officially registered and accredited by the Adult Training Accreditation Board according to the requirements defined by Act CI of 2001 on Adult Education. LEARNI develops and deploys VET and Adult Learning services in full compliance with Hungarian laws and regulations (Act LXXVII of 2013 on Adult Education) and European and international standards and guidelines, i.e. European Qualifications Framework (EQF), EU Credit system for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET), Council Recommendation on a Quality Framework for Traineeships, etc.

LEARNI has developed a strong expertise in EU grant system, proposal writing, project management and innovation development. The colleagues have experience in the management and implementation of publicly funded projects, and have already participated in projects funded by national agencies and authorities. As such, LEARNI has the management and financial management capacity to properly administer grants and other sources of external financing. Therefore, the organization not only helps clients through high quality trainings, but is also committed to help cope with the effects of the challenging economic environment with offering professional advice services.

LEARNI is committed to expand the project management thinking and knowledge among the non-profit, for-profit and governmental sectors with the aim of prosperity of the European economy. So LEARNI has a consolidated experience in the various aspects of project and innovation management and reach around 120 organizations with project management services on a yearly basis.

Such expertise and experience are fully captured by LEARNI’s curriculum of courses devoted to the target group of micro entrepreneurs professionals: Innovation management, Project management, Commerce and marketing, Economics, Language, Computer science.

LEARNI has several activities and services:

  • It is a lifelong learning organization with strong competences in innovation and project management. It pursues to be renewed continuously and increase efficiency in the daily work.
  • The organization has a wide range of EU project management experiences: firstly, through the implementation of LEARNI’s own projects, secondly, through project management services to the clients. The organization also teaches project management courses for different target groups.
  • LEARNI develops and deploys innovative learning services for adults in various economic sectors and from a diverse set of social settings: LEARNI serves a wide range of clients, i.e. private companies, civil society and public administration as well as higher education.
  • In the recent past, LEARNI provided several courses and trainings for micro, small and medium enterprises emphasizing their effectiveness. EU project development, economic advice, generation and implementation of innovative ideas, leadership skills development, organizational development, communicational and marketing advice are provided for the clients. LEARNI focuses on the EU integration with its inherent opportunities, organizational empowerment and strengthening partner relationships.
  • LEARNI committed itself to look for and implement new innovative ideas and methods not only in their own projects but also for clients.
  • In addition, LEARNI is committed to quality and client satisfaction. They have a strong pursuit to provide real help tailored to the client’s needs, strengthen organizational performance and capacity and utilize EU grant opportunities. Its goal is to develop adequate, innovative and practical training opportunities and online tools.
  • In the previous years the organization implemented its own organizational development projects that improved effectiveness within the team, developed the frame of flexible work at the office and entered the international market with new innovative and project management knowledge.

Key person:

Ákos Zsuffa dr. (managing director)

Lawyer, regulatory law specialist. As the president of the National Association of Accredited Adult Education Institutions (2011-), then Association of Adult Education Providers (2014-), he takes an important role in forming the long-term policy and medium-term conditions of life long learning and in improving the legal and economic conditions of adult education and education management. He participated as an expert in accrediting and licencing procedures of several adult education institutions. He took part as an expert and lecturer in developing, accrediting, licensing and presenting curriculum on adult education. He was a lecturer at ELTE University Faculty of Law among other universities in Budapest in trainings like EU project management, political communication consultant/analyst and strategic marketing. He was involved in international researches like Developing accurate voters’ list in transitional democracies, UNDEF project, 2009-2011 (co-leader of the research, co-editor of the collection of the study on the project in English), Political Parties Programme International IDEA and partner organisations, 2004, and EPIC (Electoral Process Information Collection) program, ACCCEO, 2004- 2005.


LEARNI has participated in the following European Union granted projects in the past years:

EU Programme Year Project Identification or Contract Number Applicant/Beneficiary Name
Erasmus+ 2019 2019-1-HU01-KA104-060829 Learning Innovation Ltd.
Erasmus + 2018 2018-1-IE01-KA204-038771 DELSA Project – consortium of 8 partners, including Learning Innovation Ltd.
National Plan for flexible employment 2016 GINOP-5.3.1 Consortium of 3 partners including Learning Innovation Ltd.
ERASMUS+ Program KA2 2016 15/KA1AE/3336 Learning Innovation Ltd.
School in Nature Programme 2015 TÁMOP-3.3.17-15/1 Régiók Fejlesztéséért Egyesület – Learning Innovation Ltd. implemented the teacher trainings
Lifestyle programs on health awareness and attitude-formation 2014 TÁMOP-6.1.2 Trainings and programmes were provided for several beneficiaries by Learning Innovation Ltd.
Leonardo da Vinci LIFELONG LEARNING PROGRAMME 2013 2013-1-HU1-LEO05-09623 Foundation for Development of Democratic Rights with 5 partners including Learning Innovation Ltd.
Economic Development Operational Programme 2013 GOP-3.3.3-12-2013-0050 Learning Innovation Ltd.
Social Renewal Operative Programme 2012 TÁMOP-2.4.5-12/8-2012-0123 Learning Innovation Ltd.
Economic Development Operational Programme 2012 GOP-2.1.1-11/M-2012-5463 Learning Innovation Ltd.


Boross Gábor
Bóna Ákos
Kapus Eszter
Katona Krisztina
Kemény Norbert
Nagy Ágnes
Nagy Lívia
Rácz Zsolt
Rózsavölgyi Andrea
Rövid-Teiner Annamária
Szili Csaba Gergely
Takács Vivien
Zsuffa Ákos