IFKA is a Public Benefit Non-profit Limited Company for the Development of the Industry in Budapest, Hungary.

LEARNI’s consultancy services certified by IFKA are as follows:


  • Strategic and business planning
  • Leadership and management consulting/development
  • Organisational structure and process optimization


An organisation needs a well-made and well-built strategy to survive and flourish in the long-term. A pillar of organisational development is to analyze business operations along with the leaders. The aim is to create a strategic plan together with the leaders during leadership workshops. Its elements are:

  • Creating a business philosophy to identify its mission, values and visions
  • Building a strategy pyramid: on the top of the hierarchy is the organisational vision composed by several dimensions like financial, progress and potential, as well as HR.

The strategy pyramid clearly shows the problems and weaknesses of an organisation. These can be conducted by organisational development solutions e.g. process review, tailored interventions, organisational alignment etc.

  • Creating relevant training, personal and skills development programs, and making an educational plan tailored to a certain company

Every work requires specific practical and theoretical knowledge.Its key element is to increase workforce capacity through education and skills development.

Recent global changes forces all companies to make changes in their business performance, and needs necessary development in their HR policy. This requires to improve the technical and technological skills of the employees, and the leadership skills of the managers. Improving effective communication along with analytical and decision-making skills are all inevitable to managers and basically to the whole organisation.

The whole training is a fully planned process which shapes and modifies the participant’s attitude, knowledge, skills or behaviour in order to increase performance in certain areas. A proper attitude is also a necessary contribution to the values and meaning-making process.