My name is Vivien Takács, I work as a training organizer for the Learning Innovation Ltd. At the end of June, I had a chance to participate in a training in Paphos, Cyprus within the ERASMUS+ projects. However I spent these few days in one of my favorite places, I have also met several great persons from many countries and got an inside view of a huge, global project, which they have been working for more than a year.

The STEAME is an acronym for the words of: Science, Technology, Engeneering, Art, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship. The main aim of the project is to make connection between these study fields and the education system, and to be realized through connecting them. First, teachers have to meet those innovative methods which could improve their training skills. During the lectures of this course we could meet and experience these innovative methods, their conception like Project Based Learning, Inquiry Based Learning, Learning & Creativity plans or Peer Instruction.

In my opinion, these training methods can make trainings and education more effective and can help in evolving or keeping up student’s interest and motivation.  At the same time, it could be more productive in personal development and in adapting curriculum. However, to acquire of these innovative methods, the first step is to prepare teachers, and though this area is full of challenges, I have a positive attitude for this topic, because with these concepts, teachers can earn their student’s motivation back.

Meanwhile the presenters were showing their descriptions and presentaions about the different topics and methods, we could elaborate the small parts together in small groups. They used some practical examples and tasks with some interactive platforms and applications to each topic, which I really liked, because only through the presentations it wouldn’t have been so informative and useful. I explored all of the platforms and applications with high interest, and also enjoyed working together applying these new learning methods. They have many advantages, and can be used by me and my colleagues in the future.

I met several useful applications, some were already known by me thanks to our trainers, but the rest of them were absoluteky new. They are quite easy to use, so trainers can apply them for presenting an interactive lesson e.g. I have also got to know better an educational stage (Google Classroom) which is quite similar for ours. This can also manage theachers and students profiles, files can be uploaded, lessons can be made.

It is connected to Google Calendar and can be managed easily. There is also a platform for online lessons via Google Meet, and for this, there is a quick link which can be used to inform or invite students easily and fast. All this information about this stage underlined the fact that our platform corresponds with international expectations and meets the requirements of an educational stage. The interactive applicatons and platforms which can be used in the lessons and are useful for me: