Integrating ICT and new technologies into teaching and education

ERASMUS+ 2019-1-HU01-KA104-060829

30, May – 5, June, 2021

Bologna, Erasmus Learning Academy


My name is Krisztina Szalka. I work at a small company called Learning Innovation Ltd. as an Education Organizer.

I was lucky enough to be able to take part in one of the Erasmus+ courses based in Bologna, Italy. Our course was really practice based which was so refreshing, and in my experience so much more useful and active. I definitely got to know a lot of new platforms, websites, apps that I have never used before. The most interesting platforms for me were those where we could get live feedback during a presentation. I think that’s a great help to teachers especially when they have to deal with bigger classes. I also enjoyed those platforms where I am not just making a simple ppt presentation, but a video with sound, voice overs, interactive tasks etc.

During the course we got to share our views, experiences in the education field. The other participants were all teachers so as they said my view was kind of unique for them because I deal with a different side of the same field - but that could be applied on me too.

Besides, personally I think I reached a growth with how I approach totally strange people who I have never met before. It was a really great opportunity to get to know the other participants and what is their daily job, what kind of problems they deal with especially since they are teachers who I also work with in my company.  My communication skills improved too, like I think I am easier with people if I have to talk with them about random topics or about the work they do.

Tools and platforms – explained and practiced:

Snapseed, Photogrid, Canva: editing photos, creating collage and engaging students in multimedia creation;

Magisto, Powtoon: creating short videos, captivating presentations and video-explainers; Socrative, Quizlet: formative assessment, quiz and self-study;

Mentimeter: creating interacting presentations and stimulate students learning;

Ted Ed, EdPuzzle: creating a lesson around a video;

Edmodo: distance learning;

Google Jamboard: creating collaborative learning experiences;

+ Thinglink, Learning Apps and many more.


Krisztina Szalka, 19.07.2021