Teamwork as a means for enhancing productivity

ERASMUS+ 2019-1-HU01-KA104-060829

4-8, October, 2021

Palermo, DOREA


I am Áron Rönky and I deal with the management of competency measurement solutions that are strongly related to the adult training services of Learning Innovation Kft. In early October, I had the opportunity and fortune to take part in an efficiency training course in Palermo, Sicily, for an entire week as part of an Erasmus + application.

The accepted fact during the efficiency of the ability is that the more we take out the workforce in need of training from the usual work environment, the more efficient and successful the training itself will be.

Compared to Budapest, Palermo was clearly different from the usual environment and I feel that this new circumstance greatly supported my openness towards training.

I worked in the area of increasing efficiency within the group, during the week I spent outside. The training was given by a highly experienced specialist, and thanks to its methodology, it was almost impossible to study presentation slides, and we put all the theories into practice immediately, in a playful way.

As a result, not only did every element of the training become more understandable, but I never felt that the mood would sit down for even a minute.

During the training I obtained knowledge and skills such as:

  • Advance understanding of essential elements of effective team work
  • Enhanced understanding of learning and development opportunities provided by being part of a team
  • Raised understanding of group dynamics, different roles in group
  • Developed skill of creating a supportive environment that fosters teamwork
  • Raised understanding of communication process in the group and develop better communication skills
  • Knowledge in creating guidelines for effective team work

Unfortunately, due to the current viral situation, we participated in a reduced number of participants in the practice, but this gave us all the opportunity to add more personal experience and opinions to each element of the training.

I was specifically excited about how I was going to overcome the foreign language barriers, and the networking. I feared that a completely novel environment or the new faces would push me further away from my comfort zone than usual. To my pleasant surprise, however, everything went according to the best-case scenario imaginable.

The whole team of the training was interested, open and very inclusive. Our trainer made sure that, despite our personality traits, everyone's ideas and suggestions received adequate time and attention. I would like to highlight in particular how useful I found the practices to be, which not only supported inclusion in the other party’s situation, but also provided an opportunity to look at it from multiple perspectives.

I am pleased that throughout the training, it has been proven in practice that with the right techniques and communication, effective collaboration can be established, regardless of the age, country of origin or professional qualifications of the individuals working in the team.